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Discover compassionate and accurate treatment designed to target chronic pain and discomfort for you and your loved ones in Colorado. From adults and teenagers to kids and even infants, Life Alive Chiropractic offers a comprehensive and specialized method of care, ensuring the well-being of every family member.

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Catering to the Colorado community, our specialized services tackle a diverse range of issues, conditions, and worries. With effective remedies for enduring pain, we promote well-being for individuals of every generation.




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At the heart of our practice is a passion for cultivating long-lasting, life-giving connections with the families we serve. Check out just some of reviews we’ve received:

Lange Patrick
Lange Patrick
5+++ stars from our entire family! Dr. Ryan and Dr. Andrea are the absolute best. You won't find more well trained, caring, compassionate chiropractic docs anywhere. From their peaceful office vibe to ease of scheduling to the chiropractic care itself, there is so much intentionality in everything they do. Our family has benefited greatly from their care and have seen healthy results from getting our bodies in alignment.
Dr. Ken Cook
Dr. Ken Cook
If you have not yet experienced that health and healing that these two amazing doctors have to offer, then you are missing out for sure. The Doctors Schrock are a gift and at the same time could not be more humble in the wealth of knowledge they have to share about reaching your optimum health and helping you be your best you. Make sure you include them on your Wellness routine and you will not be disappointed.
Bob McCool
Bob McCool
Dr Ryan is amazing. I have been under chiropractic care for most of my life and couldn’t believe how significantly better I felt after seeing him. Besides correcting the issue I was dealing with I walked out of his office with my neck, back, ribs and shoulders feeling better than they have in a long time!
sarah van leir
sarah van leir
Andrea and Ryan are so wonderful! They really know what they are doing and they have helped me tremendously. I'm so grateful to have found them.
Mary-Katelyn Male
Mary-Katelyn Male
I started going to Life Alive when I was 6 weeks pregnant and continue going weekly with my now 6 month old daughter. They've always had our best interest at heart and treat us like family. We couldn't recommend the Doc Schrocks more.
Drs Ryan and Andrea are wonderful, they have been taking very good care of my back pain. The place is very welcoming and no hustle to get appointment!
cheryl Strauber
cheryl Strauber
I’d give Life Alive 6 stars if I could. I went from feeling pain in my neck, back and hips regularly to feeling great almost all the time with a BONUS…I can now sit cross cross on the floor which I haven’t been able to do for years!
Joey Paull Yoder
Joey Paull Yoder
I would give more that Five stars if I could. I have been treated by both Doc Schrocks for over two years. They take great care to not only treat your physical needs but your emotional needs. They make you feel like family. They are professional, caring, and proactive. I recommend them to friends and family all of the time with confidence. My entire family has Life Alive as part of their whole mind and body care team and know we are thriving in part to the care we receive at Life Alive!
Marcus Yoder
Marcus Yoder
I have been a number of chiropractors in the various places I have lived over the past 30 years. I have never been in as good care as with Dr. Ryan Schrock. He has helped take away pain from a number of different points. He's also, in general, just a good human. We whole-heartedly recommend Life Alive Chiropractic.

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